Cycling In Love Interview for Km Zero Cycling

Today we propose an interesting interview with the founders of Cycling In Love, a blog created by a couple of passionate cyclists who love to travel throughout the Italian territory and tell their adventures immersed in the beauty and particularities of our peninsula. Enjoy your reading! About us: Hi all! We’re Filippo Silvestri and Manuela Canaveras, the founders of the project Cycling in Love. Through … Continue reading Cycling In Love Interview for Km Zero Cycling

Dolomites never sleep!

Article by: Carlotta Cortese Every self-respecting cyclist knows the Dolomites. In fact, the sharp profiles and the wonderful colors of the “Pale Mountains” are now known even to those who don’t go there because of their sporting passion. But, the cyclist knows the Dolomites from a road perspective: he follows those strips of asphalt winding in the middle of the pastures and under magnificent walls … Continue reading Dolomites never sleep!

Selle Italia ventures into the Gravel

Gravel is one of the disciplines that is increasingly gaining ground in the world of cycling not only in America, but also in Europe and Italy. It is a “new” way of doing cycling that takes up the characteristics of road cycling but readapts them in a philosophy more similar to that of off-road cycling. Freedom, lightheartedness, relaxation, open air and comfort are, in fact, … Continue reading Selle Italia ventures into the Gravel

Sportful Fiandre Cabrio Jacket

Rain? Cold? Snow? Who thinks that winter is the season dedicated only and exclusively to winter sports is wrong! Nowadays you can ride your bike even in the coldest months thanks to the growing offer of extremely technical and quality cycling clothing and accessories. Among these products, we have tried for you the Sportful Fiandre Cabrio Jacket (color “Yellow Fluo“): the jacket designed by the … Continue reading Sportful Fiandre Cabrio Jacket

ANGi System for Specialized Helmets

One of the most interesting novelties of the whole cycling market is the one just presented by Specialized: the brand new ANGi (Angular Force Indicator) safety device integrated in some helmets of the collection. A patent-protected device that, thanks to sensors very similar to those installed in modern ski guards (accelerometer and gyroscope), is able to recognize and measure all the different vector forces that … Continue reading ANGi System for Specialized Helmets