Emma Pallant: triathlon as a way of life

Emma Pallant (27) is a former Team GB athlete, running qualifying times for both the Beijing and London Olympics on the athletics track. The British athlete only recently made the move to triathlon, bursting onto the scene in 2016. Pallant won IM70.3 UK, finished on the podium at 6 x IM70.3 distance events, extended her World Title Duathlon and won another 6 short distance triathlon … Continue reading Emma Pallant: triathlon as a way of life

Cycling In Love Interview for Km Zero Cycling

Today we propose an interesting interview with the founders of Cycling In Love, a blog created by a couple of passionate cyclists who love to travel throughout the Italian territory and tell their adventures immersed in the beauty and particularities of our peninsula. Enjoy your reading! About us: Hi all! We’re Filippo Silvestri and Manuela Canaveras, the founders of the project Cycling in Love. Through … Continue reading Cycling In Love Interview for Km Zero Cycling

From Monte Grappa to the North Cape

This is the story of a sensational journey to the conquest of the North Cape. A journey that started from the Venetian lands, from the top of an historic and legendary mountain like the Monte Grappa, and ended in one of the most beautiful places of the world; an earthly paradise. An experience of pure cycling, lived at 360° and without stopping. One of those … Continue reading From Monte Grappa to the North Cape

Red Hook Charm

Don’t think it’s the Giro d’Italia, don’t think it’s the Tour de France, don’t even think it’s a classic from the north; the Red Hook is a completely different and atypical cycling experience! It’s like entering into a parallel reality that first fascinates you and then, necessarily, conquers you with its colors and its atmosphere of challenge to the death. Red Hook Crit was born … Continue reading Red Hook Charm