The aim of this blog is to live and tell the story of cycling!

Around the world, cycling is used by about 2 billion people, of all ages and social backgrounds, and is considered one of the main means of transport (as well as cars). Its technical characteristics and its functioning make it one of the simplest and healthiest means available: the bicycle can be used to go to work, for leisure time, to perform physical activity and can be a “job” for professionals and mechanics.

This means has very distant origins. In fact, the first bicycle was invented by a Scottish farrier (Kirkpatrick Mac Millan) around 1839 and consisted mainly of a “draisienne” (the bike children use today) with a pedal and chain system that would allow you to move forward without having to touch the ground with your feet. Today the world of bicycles has evolved, and is evolving, exponentially. Thanks to new technologies and increasingly advanced materials (carbon fibre), bicycles can be very light vehicles and real prestige jewels. There are many companies that produce bikes of any type and for any terrain (racing bikes, mountain-bikes or mountain bikes, road bikes, electric bikes, etc..), among the most important can be named: Specialized, Trek, Cannondale, Pinarello, BMC and many others.

With the structural evolution of the bicycle have also increased the “problems” and skills needed for the construction and proper maintenance of this vehicle. Knowing well the functioning of each part (eg. shock absorbers, bottom bracket, gearbox, etc..), knowing how to drive correctly and safely the vehicle, have a correct posture on the bike and know how to clean it correctly and constantly are skills that not everyone has or that perhaps do not possess adequately.

That’s it! The purpose of this blog is also and precisely this: to provide help, an exchange of views on sensitive and useful issues in the world of two-wheeled pedals. This blog wants to be a reference point for fans and novices of this world. Of course, criticism and further advice regarding techniques and methods of maintenance and use of the bike are welcome.

In addition to this technical “consultancy” activity, the exploits and achievements of the champions of this sport will also be told informally. Cycling is one of the most beautiful sports that exist but, unfortunately, does not have the same media coverage as other sports such as football, basketball, motorsport or tennis. Introducing children to the world of cycling and passing on to them the healthy values of this sport (and not just this one) is one of the most beautiful things that can be done.

We hope that this simple blog can be, for you, interesting and can also entertain you. There is no claim or suppository in all this, there is not a single sacrosanct truth: in this blog you will find only personal opinions and experiences, easily criticizable and questionable by anyone. Advice and collaboration are welcome. Thank you very much!

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