Selle Italia ventures into the Gravel

Gravel is one of the disciplines that is increasingly gaining ground in the world of cycling not only in America, but also in Europe and Italy. It is a “new” way of doing cycling that takes up the characteristics of road cycling but readapts them in a philosophy more similar to that of off-road cycling. Freedom, lightheartedness, relaxation, open air and comfort are, in fact, … Continue reading Selle Italia ventures into the Gravel

Sportful Fiandre Cabrio Jacket

Rain? Cold? Snow? Who thinks that winter is the season dedicated only and exclusively to winter sports is wrong! Nowadays you can ride your bike even in the coldest months thanks to the growing offer of extremely technical and quality cycling clothing and accessories. Among these products, we have tried for you the Sportful Fiandre Cabrio Jacket (color “Yellow Fluo“): the jacket designed by the … Continue reading Sportful Fiandre Cabrio Jacket

ANGi System for Specialized Helmets

One of the most interesting novelties of the whole cycling market is the one just presented by Specialized: the brand new ANGi (Angular Force Indicator) safety device integrated in some helmets of the collection. A patent-protected device that, thanks to sensors very similar to those installed in modern ski guards (accelerometer and gyroscope), is able to recognize and measure all the different vector forces that … Continue reading ANGi System for Specialized Helmets

From Monte Grappa to the North Cape

This is the story of a sensational journey to the conquest of the North Cape. A journey that started from the Venetian lands, from the top of an historic and legendary mountain like the Monte Grappa, and ended in one of the most beautiful places of the world; an earthly paradise. An experience of pure cycling, lived at 360° and without stopping. One of those … Continue reading From Monte Grappa to the North Cape

BRP and FIT-LINE: the correct positioning for your saddle.

How many times have you wondered how to position your saddle correctly? And how many times have you asked yourself: “but I’m pedalling correctly”? Many times we cyclists don’t even realize that we are pedalling badly or in an unsuitable position and this can cause, in the long run, unpleasant health problems. Small pains in the intimate areas, some muscular problems or simply an inefficiency … Continue reading BRP and FIT-LINE: the correct positioning for your saddle.

Red Hook Charm

Don’t think it’s the Giro d’Italia, don’t think it’s the Tour de France, don’t even think it’s a classic from the north; the Red Hook is a completely different and atypical cycling experience! It’s like entering into a parallel reality that first fascinates you and then, necessarily, conquers you with its colors and its atmosphere of challenge to the death. Red Hook Crit was born … Continue reading Red Hook Charm

24Bottles: The New Glamour Icon Of Sustainability

How many times have you taken with you uncomfortable disposable plastic bottles to the office, to the university, while doing sports…?! A huge waste in terms of waste and volume! 24Bottles represents the new frontier of eco-sustainability, which has transformed a common need into a lifestyle. The Italian brand born in 2013 has set itself the goal of reducing the environmental impact, in particular the emission … Continue reading 24Bottles: The New Glamour Icon Of Sustainability