Selle Italia – SLR Boost: Review

For many cycling enthusiasts, Selle Italia is synonymous of quality, performance and innovation. The new SLR Boost, which today we are going to revie for you, represents the perfect synthesis, the perfect balance, of all these values!

Launched in April 2019 and already present on many newly presented bikes such as the Wilier Zero SLR, the Orca di Orbea, the SK Pininfarina di De Rosa and the top of the range Look, the SLR Boost is set to be one of the new trends, not only for the company of Asolo (Treviso), but also for the entire cycling market.

Specifically, what we are going to tell you today is the SLR Boost Kit Carbonio Superflow. The top of the range for this product!

The Saddle Size

Thanks to idmatch, the highly scientific fitting system developed by Selle Italia, the SLR Boost is currently available on the market in 4 different sizes: S1/L1 and S3/L3. The model that we have tested, and that we will tell you about in this article, is an S3.

But, what does S3 mean?

According to idmatch parameters, the letter S indicates the width of the saddle – in this case the “Small” of about 130mm – while the number “3” identifies the type of central hole Superflow (as large as possible).

The Seat

The seat of the new SLR Boost follows the shape of the “old” and famous SLR. The saddle that has managed to support with honor champions such as Alberto Contador, Alessandro Ballan, Purito Rodriguez and many others.

Although it is a saddle with a very “minimal” padding – there is no Gel in the padding – and very focused on maximizing the performance of the cyclist, this new model of Selle Italia is very comfortable even on long distances.

Having tested the SLR Boost Kit Carbonio Superflow both on small rides (2-3 hours) and on “trips” of 6-7 hours (e.g. Maratona Dles Dolomites), we feel we can say that this saddle can certainly be one of the best on the current market!

A slightly raised seat in the back and a shape that perfectly follows the anatomy of the ischial bones, allow this model to be extremely comfortable and to put, therefore, the cyclist completely at ease in the saddle.

The central hole “Superflow” – typical of the idmatch sizes characterized by the number 3 – closes the rim and gives the SLR Boost that extra ergonomic touch that allows you to properly and exhaustively relieve the pressure of the perineal area. A very delicate area that often, especially in long distances, can generate some discomfort and / or inflammation.

Seat Rate: 8.5/10


As always, Selle Italia shows great attention and great care for the materials that characterize its products.

The SLR Boost is graphically very beautiful and attractive. The red inserts on the visible shell give the product a very “gritty” look and very voted to racing!

The Fibra-Tek cover, in addition to giving additional quality to the product, helps to ensure maximum durability and resistance to both sweat and water, in case of rain.

The visible shell – defined by Selle Italia as “Lateral Frame Visibility” – gives the product a very attractive look and allows, thanks to the lower tension brought during the coating phase, to ensure maximum comfort and maximum softness to the saddle.

In addition, with a Carbon/Keramic Rail Ø7×9 mm, the visible bodywork allows SLR Boost to qualify as the “The Lightest Short Saddle” of the market, with a total weight of only 122g. A truly ultra-light product but, at the same time, resistant and comfortable in any pedalling situation.

The typical quality of Selle Italia can, finally, be perceived by the details and the care with which it is covered, by hand, the SLR Boost. Some wrinkles of the product – which in some cases could suggest a lack of attention and care of the product – show, however, that Selle Italia is still one of the few companies that prefers manual skills to total automation

Material Rate: 9.5/10

In conclusion, the SLR Boost will certainly be a model that will continue to be talked about. We are sure that many fans, as happened with the previous SLR, will mount it on their bikes and appreciate it as and how we do.

Here is our final assessment!

Final Rate: 9/10

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