Innovative and Safe: the new ABS System by Blubrake

blubrake: the ABS system designed exclusively for e-bikes

We had the fantastic opportunity to test, directly on the roads of Eurobike 2019, the new ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) developed by blubrake, a hi-tech company that operates in the world of electric mobility.

This system is completely innovative: for the first time in the history of cycling, a braking “aid” system is completely integrated into the frame, making it invisible, universal and at the same time reliable.

Thanks to blubrake technology, cycling with an e-bike becomes safer and more enjoyable. Statistics show that more than half of all road accidents involving e-bikes occur when cyclists brake. This is even more significant when we consider the high speed that these bicycles can now reach.

Fabio Todeschini, General Manager of blubrake, had personally tested this experience when he was still an engineering student at the Politecnico di Milano. One morning, Fabio risked falling on the Milanese cobbles after suddenly braking because of an unexpected movement of the car that preceded him. This event prompted him, together with a multidisciplinary group of engineers and designers, to develop the ABS blubrake, an anti-tip and anti-lock system for the front wheel for e-bikes.

blubrake is an Italian company, founded in 2015 and based in Milan: the company was born in the innovation cluster of e-Novia, a “factory” that produces highly technological and innovative solutions in the field of mechatronics and alternative mobility.

Today, the company is largely dedicated to the production and marketing of the first ABS system for electric bicycles. An innovative solution that offers a number of original features for e-bikes. The ABS blubrake is compatible with all electrical systems and hydraulic brakes currently on the market and is fully integrated within the frame of each model of e-bike: MTBs, All-road, Urban, trekking bikes and even cargo bikes.

This is a real revolution in terms of safety on two wheels, thanks to a device that can improve the overall stability and usability of the vehicle. This is true even in the most demanding moments: when the user suddenly has to brake on a slippery surface or on a dirt road where the wheel does not have much grip.

In most cases, accidents occur when the front wheel locks after the brake lever has been pulled out abruptly and, as a result, the rider loses control. This can be very dangerous, which is why the ABS blubrake system helps to significantly reduce the danger and also reduce battery consumption. The stopping distance is also shortened, while at the same time avoiding the sudden locking of the front wheel and the lifting of the rear wheel.

Blubrake‘s mission is therefore quite simple: to make the future of “light” electric mobility safer by introducing a high-performance system. A high quality ABS system for electric bikes that can become a new benchmark for companies that want to offer cyclists the best possible experience.

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