Fiandre Light Wind Jacket – Test

On the occasion of the Colnago Cycling Festival, held in Desenzano del Garda from 5th to 7th of April, we had the opportunity to test one of the most beautiful and functional products of the entire Sportful collection. The Flanders Light Wind Jacket!


Water resistance is probably one of the strong points of this product! During the Granfondo Colnago the weather was quite uncertain and, in some cases, we also found some rain. On these occasions, “Flanders” has always behaved in a really excellent way. The special “NoRain Mid” fabric did its job perfectly by isolating raindrops from them and letting them slide on the outer surface.

Rate: 8/10

Windbreaker Function

Alongside its water-resistance, the Fiandre Light Wind Jacket has also another strong point. Its ability to protect from wind and air! The Gore® Windstopper® 4 Way Light technology, also used by Sportful in other products, ensures maximum elasticity of the fabric with an anti-wind function without losing its waterproof capacity. On a cold and rainy day, such as the one encountered on the roads of Desenzano del Garda, this function was of fundamental help to “survive” more than 3 hours in the wind without being affected.

Rate: 9/10


The Flanders Light shows, in general, a very good breathability. However, in relation to its wind resistance and water resistance, it was probably the least perceived quality on this occasion. Despite the grey and rainy day, the Granfondo Colnago required a great deal of effort (110 km – 1400 m of altitude difference) and a beautiful and healthy sweat. Surely, in this case, the product has helped to keep the body temperature constant and to protect from the cold downhill; but, against an unprecedented “insulating” function, sweat has been difficult to breathe and then to dry (perhaps also because of the high humidity). Nothing unbearable or annoying also because, it should be kept in mind, the Fiandre Light Wind Jacket was born as a product windproof and rainproof.

Rate: 7,5/10

Quality and Materials

The quality of this product is definitely out of the question! One of the most beautiful and well made products on the market! The Fiandre Light Wind Jacket is made directly by Sportful (Manifattura Valcismon) based in Fonzaso, in the province of Belluno. This garment has a series of features and finishes that make it absolutely performing and comfortable.

The Gore® Windstopper® 4 Way Light fabric protects from wind and splashes while the back, in NoRain Mid, gives breathability and water-repellent insulation. Even the zipper, made of YKK® Vislon® with windbreak flap and high-cut collar, ensures unique performance and comfort. In addition, the Fiandre Light Wind Jacket is also designed to provide comfort and safety. Its 3 back pockets (plus one with a security zip) and elasticated waistband, both with reflective details, are extremely useful when pedalling over long distances. The slim fit and elastic closure of the cuffs give a clean finish and unmistakable elegance.

Rate: 8,5/10

Final Rate: 8,25/10

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