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Sportful and Granfondo Strade Bianche 2019


There are unforgettable experiences that, once lived, we bring with us all our lives. Very often there are very common objects related to these moments that take on a particular meaning and become unique; they are loaded with meaning and are a handhold to tell the story.

2019 Sportful Strade Bianche jersey is made to become one of these objects. To tell the story of each of the participants. Because 5000 people will experience the Granfondo in a different way, each in its own way. This jersey is a blank canvas that each one will make unique with his own signature. An authentic signature like only that of Strade Bianche can be. A signature made of mud and dust collected on the road to leave an indelible memory imprinted on the fabric and in the soul of each cyclist. At the start, 5000 equal jerseys; at the finish, 5000 unique garments, each with a story to tell.

A garment to wear, sign, and share also on Instagram; hashtag #MyStradeBianche. Sportful will republish the most experienced, unique, those that will tell the most fascinating stories.

The jersey has a minimal design that only shows the key points and the areas of dirt path, leaving ample room for the white signature of the Crete Senesi. The model of the jersey is Bodyfit Pro 2.0 Classics Jersey, a technical jersey dedicated to low temperature racing. Excellent fit guaranteed by stretch fabrics and increased warmth thanks to a fabric with brushed inner surface, all without compromising the breathability of the jersey of the Bodyfit Pro 2.0 line, which Sportful provides to the teams BORA – Hansgrohe and Bahrain-Merida, dedicated to the spring classics.

Each participant will receive the jersey Bodyfit Pro 2.0 Classics inside the race pack, while shorts and accessories Strade Bianche will be available for purchase at the starting village. To embellish the race package, also a Bodyfit Thermal Vest designed and made by Sportful with fabrics Sitip.

Everything you need to live in the best way and epic one of the most beautiful Granfondo of the Italian peninsula: the Granfondo Strade Bianche!

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