Briko® starts the desire for Cycling

In view of the summer season, the desire for bikes starts to grow stronger and stronger. Thanks to the new Corsa clothing line, the Gass helmet and the Superlight glasses, Briko® is the protagonist of the passion on the pedals. The range of products of the Italian brand includes light and comfortable garments and accessories that aim to achieve the highest possible degree of protection for cyclists.

It’s not time yet, but you can already see it in the distance. The goal of winter is no longer just a mirage and the increasingly long days are a clear testimony to it. And as in a perfect relationship of direct proportionality, as the hours of light increase, more and more bicycles on the roads bring with them an unstoppable desire for cycling. Briko® is ready to satisfy this desire for pedals with a totally new collection of clothing and accessories that makes comfort, quality and safety in the saddle its solid garments. The new Corsa clothing line, the Gass helmet and the Superleggero glasses are the result of careful technological studies and will accompany all cyclists during the spring-summer 2019.

Corsa clothing line: the Briko® look for summer cycling

The new Briko® Corsa Jersey is a technical jersey designed for the most demanding cyclists and has been designed using three different fabrics and Made in Italy, to give the garment maximum comfort and performance. The ultra-stick fit, combined with elastic and light materials, envelops the cyclist like a light and highly breathable second skin. A garment that makes lightness one of its advantages and is therefore ideal for the hottest days with a recommended range of use between 12 and 40 degrees Celsius. The high level of wearability of the new Briko® Jersey Race is demonstrated by the characteristic comfort of the jersey, which does not interfere with the cyclist’s movements on the saddle. In fact, just thinking about the changes in posture in the saddle, Briko® has created a garment that does not break down and that maintains its line: this is also possible thanks to the custom Briko® elastic at the bottom of the sleeves, with internal grip.

In addition, the internal silicone coating on the front and back gives maximum stability and the protective triangle of the lower zip protects the shirt and shorts from wear due to rubbing. This rubbing is also eliminated from the upper part of Corsa Jersey thanks to the special design of the neck, which has been carefully studied to increase the comfort of the garment.
Finally, the new Briko® Corsa Jersey has three back pockets, with tape to ensure maximum support and keep the garment’s design clean, and an invisible zipped cell phone pocket with an internal water-resistant fabric on the right side of the jersey.
To ensure visibility for motorists, Briko® reflex logos have been inserted on the front, back and road side of the jersey.

The Briko® Corsa Jersey is available in Red-Black and Black-Green Lime colours at a suggested retail price of 130.00 Euro.

To complete the look here is the Briko® Corsa Bibshort, a short designed for the best performance over long distances. The compression fabrics give maximum performance without sacrificing comfort during very demanding rides: the new Briko® bibshort, in fact, guarantees support for up to 8 hours on the saddle.
This specific “longevity” when pedalling is given by several factors. First of all, the Bibshort Corsa cuts have been designed to guarantee total adherence of the shorts which, just like a second skin, follow the lines of the body. The thin mesh braces give maximum support with the right elasticity and softness and the elastic bottom leg, with Briko® silicone inside and outside, has been designed to give the right grip. In addition, the Briko® reflective logos have been positioned in strategic points of greater visibility for motorists.

A fundamental component of the shorts, however, is the bottom. Precisely for this reason Briko® has chosen to equip the new Bibshort Run with the Bastogne HP pad produced by Elastic Interface® which guarantees high protection for lovers of long distances thanks to the additional high-density inserts positioned in the perineal-ischiatic area. The front surface of the Bastogne HP is totally “flush”, a feature that ensures continuous contact with the skin without causing annoying irritation. Moreover, the shape of the central canal has been designed following specific anthropometric data and, following the same parameters, the protection at the level of the pelvic bones has also been tested and studied.

The perfect combination of perforated padding and foam of different densities ensures high breathability of Corsa Bibshort which is made entirely of materials made in Italy.

The Corsa Bibshort by Briko® is available at a recommended retail price of 180,00 Euro.

Gass, protection for those who challenge the asphalt

The Briko® Gass helmet is characterized by the scrupulous attention to aerodynamics and safety of the cyclist as well as for its extreme lightness which makes it ideal for those who practice endurance activities such as triathlon. The magnetic buckle is immediately released to help those who practice triple riding, while the aerodynamic design, with eleven ventilation holes with a Venturi effect, helps to offer cutting edge performance.

In addition to performance, the Briko® Gass helmet offers a high level of protection: the insect screen protects the cyclist from the entry of unwelcome guests under the helmet shell while a small rotor placed above the neck allows micrometric vertical and lateral adjustment of the helmet offering an enveloping and secure fit. To further increase the degree of protection of Gass a reflective back to increase the visibility of the cyclist when it gets darker. Finally, for when the season gets hotter and sweating can cause annoying irritation to the head, the inside of the Briko® Gass helmet is designed with a Polygiene® Stay Fresh treatment to ensure hygiene.

The Briko® Gass helmet is available at a recommended retail price of 150.00 Euro.

Technology and performance, Briko® Superleggero glasses

A pair of glasses, as the name suggests, Superlight, with a minimalist design and designed around performance. The extreme lightness, equal to 21 grams, and the peculiar characteristics of the lens of this Briko® glasses make Superlight ideal for cycling outings. Sweating from a summer ride can cause annoying irritation to the face: the nosepiece and terminals in soft Megol and hypoallergenic of Superleggero ensure lightness and greater comfort even when a higher physical effort is required.

In addition, the frameless, interchangeable polycarbonate lenses, whose design does not interfere with the features of the face, allow a total peripheral view both longitudinally and vertically and offer complete protection from UV rays. For bike lovers, Briko® Superleggero glasses are extremely useful when riding downhill or in groups where the utmost attention is required, also thanks to the design of its lens that does not interfere with the features of the face. In addition, Briko® has developed a very easy method for lens replacement that helps the cyclist to perform this operation even on the saddle to always have perfect visibility. Finally, in the event of a fall, the rods are released to guarantee an even higher level of safety. Superleggero is also available in the XL version and with polarized and photochromic lenses, to adapt to any type of cyclist.

Briko® Superlight glasses are available at a recommended retail price starting at 159.90 Euro.

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