The New Summer Collection from Q36.5

Q36.5 Summer Collection

For the new Summer 2019 Collection, Q36.5 Absolutely Equipment offers excellent innovations in the field of intelligent fabrics.

A major breakthrough is the introduction of a new high-density warp-knitted fabric: UF Knit44. This fabric was created to redesign the Gregarius Bib Trunks, completely updating the cut and eliminating the elastic band with silicone grip of this great classic. The Gregarius Ultra Bibshorts are presented: a sturdy all-rounder with a new design and construction of the saddle area, choosing Dyneema thread to increase the stability and temperature control of the area.

Q36.5 has also revisited the Half Short for women, choosing also in this case the UF Knit44 fabric and introducing a new cut, using the raw cut to finish the band on the leg and eliminating the need for silicone.

The Creative Art Laboratory Q36.5 has experimented with colours and presents a preview of the L1 Doctor Dungarees in Navy Blue to match the three new colours of the L1 Pinstripe short-sleeved jerseys: Navy Blue, Lime and Purple (also available in women’s versions).

The Q36.5 Graphics Team has broadened its horizons by developing a new series of extravagant knits that express the essence of Italian style while maintaining the same refinement and radical innovation that has always characterized the fabrics and cuts of this brand. On this occasion, a specific graphic design for the men’s and women’s collections has also been designed.

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