Interview to Nicole D’Agostin

Today we interview Nicole D’Agostin, one of the most promising girls on the national cycling scene. The young athlete from Veneto, born in Conegliano (in 1999), is preparing to face a very important season for her career: after her debut among the Women Elite in 2018 with the Eurotarget-Bianchi-Vitasana, she decided to undertake a new experience abroad with the Bizkaia Durango (Spain). A challenge that will surely lead her to grow both from the sporting point of view and from the human point of view; a sort of investment for the future.

Here is the interview:

Hello Nicole, first of all thank you very much for giving us this short interview!

Let’s start from the last news: in this 2019 you will change team, you will run with the Bizkaia Durango! What do you expect from this new adventure?

Hello everyone and thank you very much to you for contacting me and taking into account. This year I take everything as a great sporting experience but also, and above all, of life. I have to get used to many new things: different places, different languages and very different races from those I have played in Italy! No doubt it will be an adventure that I will never forget in my life.

What are the major difficulties that an athlete of your age, that is, very young, can meet when entering the world of professionalism?

Unfortunately, missing the middle category, we make a very big “leap” that is definitely heard. You can feel it from the routes, from the kilometres of the race, from the rhythm of the race itself, from the types of races and from knowing how to manage oneself above all during the long stage races. We race with girls who could be our mothers, who have a lot of experience in the legs and who have a maturation at a higher muscle level. Time to time, moments of joy will arrive for us too (hopefully!).

About your training: how does your typical training day unfold? Do you just sit on your bike or even in the gym? How important is nutrition in your daily life?

I don’t like the gym so I prefer to go out on my bike even in winter, maybe doing some cyclocross races and/or training! Food is certainly a very important basis for every sportsman and, with regard to point, I still have a lot to learn.

In 2017 you were able to take part in a world expedition (to Bergen, Norway). What experience was it? What does it mean for you to wear the national team’s jersey?

An unforgettable experience, a dream come true, and the victory of Elena (Pirrone) was really the icing on the cake. Wearing that jersey always has a certain effect, it gives you charge and responsibility. At that moment you are “defending” your country with all your strength … it is not something from every day.

What do you think about the Italian cycling movement? A movement that seems to still be able to churn out great athletes but very often, perhaps, does not support them in the proper way to break through at high levels.

Italian cycling is growing a lot, especially in the disciplines on the track! Unfortunately in this regard we have many problems with the velodromes and, given the results, I think they should support us more! As far as street disciplines are concerned, almost everyone prefers to go abroad, maybe because there are more organization and more benefits: therefore, there are more chances to become someone.

Let’s take a little step back! How did you get passionate about cycling and how did you discover that it would become the sport of your life?

The first gift I was given was a pink bicycle, from there I never got off! I also tried swimming, but the emotions I felt on my bike were quite different! I realized that it could become my sport only as a junior where I took away my great satisfaction!

Tell us a little about Nicole when she gets off her bike: Do you have other passions? Do you have any extra bike goals that you are pursuing?

When I get off the bike I’m a simple 19-year-old girl, like all the others. I really like going out with friends, having fun and, as soon as possible, my main destination are the shops for a bit of healthy shopping.

Last question: what are your idols, if any, and to whom do you feel like to resemble, for technical characteristics, in cycling today?

I currently have no idols; I admire many people but I don’t have a particular person that inspires me! I can’t compare myself to anyone because, frankly, my first objective is to “be” someone and not to “look like” someone.

Km Zero Cycling would like to thank Nicole again for his great availability and wish her all the best for this season that is about to begin.

Good luck Nicole!!!

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