Cycling In Love Interview for Km Zero Cycling

Today we propose an interesting interview with the founders of Cycling In Love, a blog created by a couple of passionate cyclists who love to travel throughout the Italian territory and tell their adventures immersed in the beauty and particularities of our peninsula.

Enjoy your reading!

About us:

Hi all! We’re Filippo Silvestri and Manuela Canaveras, the founders of the project Cycling in Love.

Through our social and web channels, we’re working in order to valorize the italian territory from the point of view of our road bikes. The will to know completely the places where we go biking, the promotion of the hidden beauties of the territory and the cooperation with the cycling tourism operators are the main ingredients of our blog.

We have choosen a name that tells a lot about us: we’re a couple also in real life and we share together the same passion for cycling and the italian territories.

We belong to that road cyclist category that loves to vary their own itineraries: we come from Tuscany and Lazio and we spent four years in Veneto. Nowaday we’re living and working in Friuli – Venezia Giulia.

Since our families have various origins across Italy (Campania, Abruzzo, Toscana and Lazio) we have a natural attitude that pushes us to discover new places of our wonderful country!

What we do:

Through our blog,  and with the aid of our social channels Facebook, Instagram and Strava, we provide informations regarding the italian territory and all the related touristic attractions, proposing a wide spectrum of itineraries for road cyclists.

At the moment, we cover five regions: Campania, Lazio, Abruzzo, Toscana and Veneto. From April 2019, we will start including Friuli – Venezia Giulia as well with the final objective to cover the entire Italy!

We want to specify that we’re proposing only itineraries that we tried personally: across the web there are plenty of websites that gives a lot of informations, but without going into the specific, without trying personally the experience, and without giving a personal point of view. This is our added value.

We never talk about things that we never tried personally, and we do this because we believe that sharing real experiences with our followers is the key to create a passionate community.

Why we do it:

The reasons that pushed us to open our blog are substantially two: one is related to the wish to share informations and the other one is the wish share our passion.

Talking about the first reason, in the past we never been able to find a website that provided in the same page all the  needed informations for a cyclist. Lenght of the itinerary, altitude gain, the presence of fountains along the path, refreshment points, asphalt conditions and cultural and historic points of interest are fundamental elements that, in our opinion, should never be lack in the description of a itinerary.

We spend a lot of hours to write our posts:  they must have a informal and simple language but they must be as much detailed and accurate as possible at the same time. That’s what the web requires in order to obtain visibility on the search engines.

The second reason is that one that gives us every day the most of satisfactions: before opening our blog, our friends and our followers were cheering often about our bike trips, asking for details about the places that we were crossing and that we discovered with our bikes. That’s what excites us most: sharing our passion and our discoveries.

In fact, we don’t share only information, but our main objective is to lit the curiosity of our readers (also the non-cyclists ones!), giving them the desire to re-discover the beauties that Italy hide across its own myriad of shades of its territory.

Do you know what’s our best satisfaction doing this job? Receiving gratitude messages from somebody who tried a climb, an alpine pass or another itinerary suggested on our blog!

There are a lot of cyclist that travels far away from their country, without knowing that our surroundings can hide a multitude of treasures, and maybe only few kilometers far from our home!

Future objectives:

At the moment, our blog is open only since two years, but it gave us plenty of satisfactions: the growth of the followers is constant and some companies and tourism operators started to cooperate with us. We’re currently planning to obtain the licence to become tourism operators, in order to escort other cyclists on our future bike tours. In fact, our long term objective, is to transform our passion for cycling into a real job.

In conclusion, we invite you to jump on your bike and start travelling: you could discover a lot of magical places that you never seen before! And of course, we would like to say thank you to KmZero Cycling staff for their hospitality on their website. Cheers guys!




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