BRP and FIT-LINE: the correct positioning for your saddle.

How many times have you wondered how to position your saddle correctly? And how many times have you asked yourself: “but I’m pedalling correctly”? Many times we cyclists don’t even realize that we are pedalling badly or in an unsuitable position and this can cause, in the long run, unpleasant health problems. Small pains in the intimate areas, some muscular problems or simply an inefficiency in pedalling can be indications of incorrect positioning of the saddle on your bike!

Here are, thanks to Selle Italia and its idmatch philosophy, some simple and immediate suggestions to check and/or correct the position of your saddle! We are talking about two universal references for the world of saddles: the BRP and the FIT-LINE.

The BRP, or Biomechanical Reference Point, is the point that identifies the anatomical center of the saddle (mid-line reference) useful for measuring the parameters appropriate to the mounting of the bike (saddle height, saddle retraction, distance BRP handlebar). To identify it, it is necessary to determine the point where the saddle reaches 7 cm of width. Its identification comes from the observation of a constant of the attitude of cyclists, who all position themselves on the saddle at a distance always equal to the BRP. Although this distance differs from cyclist to cyclist, it is always the same for the subject regardless of the saddle brand chosen.

The red line on the nose of the idmatch test saddles is called the FIT-LINE. It is a system that allows cyclists to sit correctly and with their ischial bones in the right place. Tests have shown that more than 60% of cyclists lean too far on the saddle, unloading weight mainly on the symphysis pubis and not on the ischial bones. The “FIT-LINE” line therefore serves as a guide to the correct positioning in the saddle for an effective, efficient and healthy pedalling!

If the cyclist, sitting with his hands on the handlebar, cannot see the FIT LINE, it means that his position on the saddle is too advanced.

Once the incorrect position has been ascertained, it is necessary to return to the starting point and start again from the BRP measurement and then set all the necessary distances (BRP-Handlebar; BRP-Bottom Bracket).

For more information on the idmatch philosophy:

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