24Bottles: The New Glamour Icon Of Sustainability

How many times have you taken with you uncomfortable disposable plastic bottles to the office, to the university, while doing sports…?! A huge waste in terms of waste and volume!

24Bottles represents the new frontier of eco-sustainability, which has transformed a common need into a lifestyle. The Italian brand born in 2013 has set itself the goal of reducing the environmental impact, in particular the emission of C02, combining it with the progressive improvement of the health and life of its customers.

The combination of “usefulness and beauty” becomes a fundamental asset for 24Bottles which, thanks to its wide range of bottles with an unmistakable design, has conquered the world of the web with captivating campaigns designed ad hoc to arouse a more attentive sensitivity to one’s own health and to attention to environmental issues.

The 24Bottles collection boasts a vast assortment of ultra-lightweight bottles of about 110 g, “easy to carry” and of every fantasy and colour, aimed at satisfying the preferences of an increasingly young target, more interested in the reuse of resources.

The steel structure allows you to keep the temperature cold up to 24 hours, and the heat up to 12, giving you the opportunity to customize your bottle by transforming it from a simple object into a true style icon.

The Clima and Urban lines are available in different sizes with a capacity of 250 ml per litre, in various solid colours and frames with a floral, wood, pastel theme and the number printed at the base of each bottle is interesting, indicating the total amount of C02 saved during the production of a 24Bottle.

But the real revolution comes with the new Athleisure Collection line, which has conquered the sports world with the new Agile Bottle formula with Sport Lid system. The removable nozzle closure technology of the cap facilitates continuous hydration during the day, especially during frequent sports sessions, while ensuring ease of use.

The model Urban Bottle – Agile designed for the female audience is captivating thanks to its spotted graphics and for this reason designed for a sporty woman, dynamic and attentive to their health.

The model Urban Bottle – Tempo Grey has the same use but is characterized by a more minimal design.

The 24Bottles models have become more and more popular with the world of social media for their unmistakable style and design. The Instagram profile has already reached 31K followers and the original still life campaigns published by the brand give the opportunity to buy in a few minutes from the social profile the products advertised directly from your smartphone.

The line of bags (backpacks) and accessories developed by the brand has taken up an important challenge linked to the cross-selling of products that are easy to assemble and can be combined with the already famous trend water bottle of the new millennium.

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